Your Dynamics 365 CE
solution on
the test bench

We put your existing Dynamics 365 CE solution to the acid test.

In the "Solution Review," our Dynamics 365 Architects
review your solution for Microsoft best practices,
fix broken functionality, and automate simple tasks.

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Are you struggling with 1x or
more of these problems?

Defective functions

Defective functions

For example, a data integration from an ERP
is faulty, which is why your
customers receive incorrect invoices.

Manual Deployment

Manual Deployment

They haven't defined a proper ALM process.
As a result, your costly customizations may be lost.

Lack of automation

Lack of automation

Instead, you must delegate each step
or go yourself.

No ongoing support

No ongoing support

If you have questions about your system
you will be left alone.

As a result, your company is not consistently on
the same page and your growth stumbles.

We change that with you.
We triple the productivity of your Dynamics solution!

Leading Business Solution Kayir GmbH

We begin to
advise where others no
longer know how to proceed

  • Personal mail and phone contact
    with former Microsoft colleagues.
  • Next competence level after Microsoft
  • CEO is Hands-On as Architect & Consultant
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Mehmet Kayir - Dynamics 365 CE Architekt - Ex-Microsoft Architekt - CEO Leading Business Solution GmbH

Mehmet Kayir,
Dynamics 365 CE Architekt,
Ex-Microsoft Architekt,
CEO Leading GmbH

37+ successful projects in these Industries


Banking & Finance

Dynamics handles the entire
onboarding process of new customers for you.

KYC checks can be fully automated
and you still meet the regulations of
financial authorities and countries.

Banking & Finance


Automating policy calculations and the
processing of claims will save your
caseworkers a lot of time.

Keep track of current
inquiries and service cases by connecting
Dynamics and your B2B/B2C customer portal.



With Dynamics 365, we automate your
Supplier Management.

New suppliers automatically get
access to your supplier portal influenced by AI.

This unified on one database with Dynamics 365.


Digital Services

Your entire Customer Journey in one Interface.

From lead to invoice, you maintain a full
overview at every step.

So you can find opportunities for
improving your business performance at a glance.

Digital Services

Together we optimize
your Dynamics processes.


Consideration of your
current solution

Together we record the ACTUAL state of your Company.
In addition, one employee is selected as a "CRM Champion"
so that the knowledge from the project remains within your Company.

Consideration of your  current solution

Checking for Best Practices

This way we ensure absolutely clean code that will keep up with your growth in the future.
(And not be overwritten by the 6-month
Microsoft updates). Through our experience
at Microsoft, we know the best practices from first-hand.


Hands-On Implementation
of your System

After testing, we are responsible for
optimizing the architecture and the development.

We pay attention to maximum flexibility of your infrastructure,
so that you can easily incorporate future adjustments.


Maximum automation
of your processes

This is where the real potential of Dynamics 365 CE begins. With intelligent workflows, you can automate recurring tasks - e.g. creating a lead - 100% automated.

This gives your Team more time for winning tasks.


Ongoing 2nd and 3rd
Level Support

To ensure that everything always runs smoothly,
we take over the complex requests for you.

In doing so, we have a direct line to our
former colleagues at Microsoft.

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